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A simple to use translator generator

by Jürgen Lampe
Depot4 is an extensible translator-generator. It is easy to use without special knowledge from compiler design. Some basic ideas of formal language theory and familiarity with the EBNF should be enough. Depot4 is well suited for text to text translation, but one of its unique features is that it can easily be extended to more elaborated objects, e.g., styled texts, drawings etc.

The Depot4 software has been applied in a number of projects.
Here are some comments from its users.

Originally, Depot4 was implemented by use of Niklaus Wirth's Oberon as a host programming language. Sorrily, this language was no real success in number of users. So we decided to maintain the JavaTM version of Depot4 only. However, an archive of last Oberon version (including examples and documents) is available from the downloads page.

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