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From gpaeper@???? Thu Apr 9 23:25:52 1998
X-Sender: gpaeper@????
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 1998 14:29:38 -0700

... I also downloaded the new examples and Ml4toOberon.Ml4 sources. I appreciate your posting them. ... I use Depot4 and find it a useful tool. After having looked at a lot of parsing tools, I can say Depot4 is unique and in class of its own. No other tool has the parsing flexibility on the input side and the flexible, powerful, easy to use transformation capabilities on the output side. Remarkably, the tool's implementation is also easy to use. I really like the minimal constraints placed on the grammar definitions and not having to do the tedious, error prone manipulations of data structures in order to accomplish the translation task. This sure makes it easy to research approaches and "try things out" without a lot of wasted work.

From vdZon@???? Fri Feb 13 09:51:52 1998
From: Robbert van der Zon
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998 09:53:39 +0100

Thanks for the information, I think we really can use this tool.

From vrouleau@????.ca Thu Feb 12 21:48:07 1998
From: Vincent Rouleau
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 15:48:20 -0500

I've been using the Depot4 translator to convert modula-3 code to C++. We have an entire project to translate and your tool does the job elegantly. I work for ???? Inc. were in Montreal Canada.

From - Tue Feb 10 07:44:19 1998
From: n@o.o.n.e
Date: 9 Feb 1998 20:45:34 GMT
Xref: comp.lang.oberon:8698

I downloaded the Depot4 and looked at it the past two or three days. In particular, I wrote a simple translator to take the output from
pgp -kvv
and make a more streamlined presentation of this.
The next step will be to apply this to the output of a tiny keyring obtained as a result of a key signing party. I plant to put the input and output user text, and the pgpsig5.Ml4 source in the directory

From Peter.Wehner@????.DE Fri May 16 14:58:06 1997
Date: Fri, 16 May 1997 14:46:15 +0200 (MESZ)

die weiteren versuche, ansaetze einer uebersetzung einer lisp-basierten api-sprache fuer den hp/solidesigner zur dokumentation nach html, waren bisher sehr erfolgversprechend. die arbeit mit der gui ist sehr bequem und zeitsparend. well done.

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